Jane Thwaites 1828

Jane Thwaites 1828


Jane Thwaites 1828

This sampler celebrates the first in a series of charts available as a pdf download from the private collection of Hedgerow Stitching.

The model is stitched with cross stitch over two threads and is suitable for all levels of stitchers.


There are 4 versions of the chart:

  • Black and White Chart (6 pages)
  • Colour Chart (6 pages)
  • Black and White Chart (Full page)
  • Colour Chart (Full page)


Jane Thwaites sampler was listed  as Jane “Thruaiter” at auction, mistaking the W for R U and the S for R, though the old spelling is recognised by experienced sampler stitchers.


Jane was born in Selside, Northumberland in April 1817. Sue, a descendant of Jane, kindly gave her permission to use photographs of Jane’s cousins, so we could get an idea of what our Jane may have looked like.


Here at Hedgerow Stitching we strive to give new life to the children who stitched their samplers all those years ago, and hope you enjoy being part of that process.